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GPS Vehicle Tracking System

Universal GPS Tracker is a service enabled through positioning technologies including GPS, GPRS and remote telemetry with application software, wireless communications to track, control and manage the vehicles in your fleet. Brought to you by Online Networks, a leading company involved in GPS and Internet and security based products. With a GPS device installed in your vehicles, we will empower you to track the exact locations of your vehicles and effectively manage them. The information is interfaced online or through SMS and could be accessed from your Computer or Mobile phone.

  •    Highlights of services offered
  • * Track your vehicles LIVE online through Internet ,Mobile or SMS using our live vehicle tracking systems
  • * Servers will be managed by UAE based Engineers.
  • * Cost effective solution currently available in United Arab Emirates,GCC & African Countries (Affordable Rates).
  • * Multiple vehicle tracking on Google ,Bing, Open Street Map, with playback features.
  • * Configure settings based on your needs, with our standard open architecture devices which can be added to any other service provider platform.
  • * Can be used anywhere in the world.
  • * TRA Approved Devices.
  • * Dubai Police(DPS) Approved.click here
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