Fuel Monitoring & Fuel Management system for Heavy Trucks and Vehicles in Dubai And Abu Dhabi

customized oil solution

1)Computed Fuel Tracking without Fuel Tank Drilling or any modifications.

This methods work on new Trucks which is eqiuipped with CANBUS. It will provide you Actual Fuel Refill or Drop and accurate information related in percentage and volumes in Liters with consumption details per trip.Call us to discuss in detail.

2)Digital level sensors for Fuel tracking on Trucks.

Managing and Monitoring fuel on trucks are very tedious job and now UGT brings a way where you can monitor the fuels much more easier way than any other companies offer in graphical interfaces which attracts everyone but the data will not be as accurate as us.

We provide real time fuel data for example currently available fuel in Diesel Tank in litter and percentage both,we calibrate in such a way where you will not be loosing any minute faults.

We provide real time fuel data for example currently available fuel in Diesel Tank in litter and percentage both, we calibrate in such a way where you will not be losing any minute faults.

Our fuel saving report gives you data on fuel used while on driving, idling and theft happens on fuel.

We have customized report where we get only the fuel Re-fill and Theft, which will be easier for you to compare with your Petrol bills by quantity filled and date and Time., we will notify you by email instantly or an option for SMS as well. All the measurements in Liter so you can avoid assumptions.

Reports will be providing you with the consumption on each vehicle and which can be exported to excel for further analysis.

We use digital fuel LLS sensors only and not use any analog methods currently available in cheap devices in market.

Get a better understanding on your fuel expenses on Heavy long distance running vehicles, where you can save lot of unnecessary expenses.

Vehicles monitoring with fuel new made simple using Digital LLS sensors, which monitor your fuel tank and Track your Truck routes.

Fuel price can be rise anytime and its a matter of one time investment and very small amount to pay for maintain, it will really optimize your fuel costs.

Our Robust system can be accessed from anywhere and anytime online.

GPS vehicle tracking system with no monthly fee is just a marketing techniques which is used from manufactures of few devices which are not true, imagine without any profit who will manage a system or server for years ,do you believe this?

Below are the few fleet management system requirements which is track online, Truck History with play back, alert setup on any events, which should be further customization and adding additional sensors anytime. Select a GPS device by calculating your future requirements as well i have attached a fleet management system PowerPoint ppt to understand more on this system and beware of cheaters in the industry and no after sales support available from them, and they offer widely with the name of free server or no monthly fee.

Do you know how much Fuel your Driver Filled?

Tracking: How many liter available in Tank?.

Helping you to save cost.

Monitoring: Reports on Fuel Fill and Drop in Liters and percentage.

Enabling quick decisions.

Security: Fuel Theft?.

Concentrate more on business.

Optimization: Save Fuel and Trips.

Leveraging your competency.