Does it work

It's on your mobile, or your desktop, as simple as that. The entire Global Positioning System (GPS) is a constellation of 24 satellites orbiting the earth. These satellites have very accurate clocks and use radio signals to broadcast location information. A GPS receiver on the ground picks up the signals from the satellites to determine the location of an entity anywhere in the world. With our sophisticated software, a base station and communication links, location can be determined with accuracy down to a centimeter . The information is communicated to you via the universal GPS tracker portal or to your mobile phone as an SMS.

The solution is holistic to the level of offering not only positioning information, but also information such as fuel usage, engine idling time etc. All this information can be obtained and monitored live, and even documented as an SMS or a detailed monthly report that includes mileage, route(s) travelled, stops etc. based on your subscription of service.


GPS Receiver

GPS tracking device's receiver receives the data and then forwards the position to the universal GPS tracker Server.

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Overspeed, Idling time, Fence alerts on your mobile and email

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