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Posted by T.N. Jacob on 19-Apr-2013.

Article about practical case study of vehicle tracking service in Dubai discussed in business line.

GPS vehicle trackers can be invaluable for not only ensuring productivity among your fleet of delivery vehicles , but can also help you mold your teen driver into a responsible motorist for years to come or track your sales team putting the effort for company growth . A real-time car tracking device gives you up-to-the-moment location updates. If you're wondering if your driver has gone off course, these vehicle tracking devices can give you the answers you need. Detailed reports will tell you exactly where a vehicle has been, and how fast it was going.


A vehicle tracking device is also a great way to encourage good habits in new teen drivers. By being able to monitor both location and speed, you'll be able to tell if your teen is driving responsibly, and if they're staying out too late. With customizable alerts and geofences, you can receive text messages or emails if your teen enters or exits a certain area, or exceeds a certain speed. Feel confident turning your keys over knowing that no matter how they're using your vehicle, you'll know. For an added level of security, check out our selection of car camera, temperature sensor, driver ID etc.


For business and personal applications, there is no better way to monitor a person, vehicle or asset than a real-time GPS tracking device for Dubai UAE. Choose from a wide array of power options (battery powered, hardwired or dashboard-mounted, for example) to find the perfect real-time GPS tracker for your needs. Whatever real-time tracker you choose, you're assured live updates whenever the device is moved, allowing you to closely monitor what matters most right from your computer or smartphone.

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